The company


The Sanitas Life born in 1985 in Campania, in the Campi Flegrei from an idea of ​​a group of pharmacists specializing in herbal and dietary. In 2016 it become in Pharma Food Manufacturing Italia S.r.l.

Pharma Food Manufacturing Italia S.r.l, is a company authorized by the Ministry of Health, the production of food supplements and dietary foods for particular nutritional uses (Legislative Decree no. 111 of 27/01/92). The account is the third company with specialization which offers customers a wide range of products and services. The production is followed by a full staff, composed of professionals specialized that closely monitors every stage of the project, from the formulation of the product and then to relations with the Ministry of Health to the graphic design of the packaging. Everything is supplied to the customer “turnkey”, ready for sale.

The success of Pharma Food Manufacturing Italia S.r.l comes from a modern approach to the market, adding to the high technological level of production of supplements, a range of services to support the customer.

Those who turn to Pharma Food Manufacturing Italia S.r.l has the opportunity to receive professional advice in the formulation, in the drafting of regulations and practices in the choice of packaging, with a 360 ° service that assists the client from idea to finished product.

Professionalism and expertise have contributed to the development of both quality and quantity of products mainly targeting the field of wellness and sports.