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Who address the Pharma Food Manufacturing Italia S.r.l. has the possibility to receive professional recommendation for formulation, regulatory practices and the choose of packaging, with a 360° service that assists customers to the idea by the final product.

Customer can choose from various pharmaceutical forms produced by us: tablets, filmed tablets, fast/retard tablets, flavored film tablets, capsules, powders, grains, single or double sachets, syrups, drops, spray for throat or nose. Release tests are made at the Pharmacy Department of the Naples University “Federico II”

Every production phase is monitorated in order to respect all the regulation in force (Good Norms of Preparation, HACCP GMP). Analityc tests are accurately made at the certified laboratory ECAM (lab analysis) on raw materials and final products.  Security, quality and absence of allergens (gluten free and lactose free) are guaranteed.

To improve our offer we made several strategic partnerships whit other sector companies (qualified suppliers of raw materials, provider of ancillary services) in order to offer a wilde range of high-quality products. The consulting firm LINNEUS supports us for regulatory preparation.

Solid Forms

Capsules: Animal and vegetable gelatin, acid-resistant (formats 1/0/0 long)

Rounded, oblong, filmed, fast/retard and grain tablets

Liquid Forms

Liquid production by 10 ml to 100 ml formats


We produce sachets by 0,1 to 100 grams (single, double, press-out, stick pack)


Packaging can be made in blisters, pillboxes, jars, bottles and sachets: single or double